More and more customers want to reduce the generation of garbage and thus contribute to saving our planet. They carefully study the product stocks and then make informed purchases. They strive to reduce plastic consumption by choosing reusable or biodegradable packaging.

Eco mugs – a small big step. One of the many examples of informed consumer choice is the purchase of an ecological mug. There are many types of material from which eco cups are made. Our company has opted for a completely biodegradable mug made of kraft paper made from recycled paper or virgin fibers.

People looking for solutions other than plastic or polystyrene should pay attention to disposable Kraft paper cups. They perfectly pass the exam as take-out dishes, and thanks to the fact that they are ecological and biodegradable, they do not pollute the environment. The low price and aesthetic appearance give them an advantage over other natural products.

Eco mugs for everyone You can’t forget about one more, the most original and the easiest way to store drinks. It’s own ecological cup. The number of people who go to a coffee shop or order a take-out drink and ask the service to pour it into a brought vessel (of the right size) is growing successively. It is not possible in every place, but such points appear on the gastronomic map of the country practically every day. Until recently, when organizing a home party, picnic or barbecue, the only thing left was to buy disposable cups or plastic cutlery.

Fortunately, today there are more alternatives for such products and meet with great interest of buyers. Eco mugs from natural raw materials is a positive trend that has a good chance of becoming a permanent element of consumer awareness, not just a temporary fashion.