4Cup takes care of the highest quality of products but at the same time takes care of the environment.

Our paper cups are produced of high quality paper manufactured in Finland.

Having in mind the care for our nature we ensure our products are completely recyclable.

Our production process is monitored all the time which ensures our users with the highest quality and safety.

We are in disposition of the BRC Global Food Packaging Standard Certificate published by SGS United Kingdom Ltd Systems & Services Certification based in Great Britain.

We are working compatibly with the quality control system of HACCP and according to the certificates of: ISO: 9001:2015 & 14001:2015

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4Cup.Declaration of Compliance.ENG

4Cup ISO 9001:2015

4Cup ISO 14001:2015

HACCP 2020

Production of paper cups

Paper cups supplied by our company are the highest quality products, extremely durable and aesthetic. All products are perfect for hot and cold drinks. They are an inseparable element of all kinds of events, banquets, conferences or receptions. Their tasteful appearance, as well as the possibility of individual printing, make our offer available to individual clients and business owners. 4Cup only provides products with security approval.

What to consider when choosing paper cups? There are many offers of companies producing paper cups on the market. What to look for when choosing specific products? The most important is:

High quality and attention to every detail,  wide range of products, attractive prices, timely delivery. Possibility of receiving non-standard orders, e.g. prints with advertising text or occasional slogan. Past implementations and recommendations of satisfied customers. Certificates received by the company, showing the proper hygiene of products for various types of drinks. Production of disposable cups with care for the natural environment Paper cups produced by our company are made of the highest quality paper delivered from Finland. For the sake of nature, 4Cup uses only materials, technologies and methods that allow maximum reduction of harmful substances released into the environment at every stage of order processing. It is worth adding that our disposable cups can be completely recycled. Thanks to this, 4Cup services are readily used by customers who care about nature and promote the zero waste trend.