Customized paper cups

Coffee to go paper cups with customer’s print are a cheap way for promotion of a brand and perfection of its image. They can be easily used for events, tranings and company’s parties. Customized cups can be also comfortable for use in office work.

Single use printed customized cups are a perfect way for all the ecological friendly users who are looking for an alternative when it comes to eps of plastic prodcuts. The individual printed cups may be prepared as according to customer’s ready for use design or their individual design in minimum quantity of 10000 pieces. Paper cups are a practical investment which should become a must for all the manufacturers willing to exclude the production of non biodegradable products.

Why is it worth to invest in customised paper cups?

Single use hot paper cups allow longer taste of hot coffe or tea than the plastic cup would ever allow. Their main advantage is high quality and high temerature resistance. The possibility of applying every type of offset print, such as company’s logo for example, is also an asset.

Paper cups are ecologival and may be recycled. Paper gadgets are highly funcitional and comfortable. They are products that can serve to actively living people in constant movement. Paper cups are also a perfect way for a low budget commercial!

Perfect brand promotion

Paper cups with print are perfect for advertising. Their high quality makes them look aestethic and eye-catching. In that way the brand is easlily marked in the consumer’s minds. Coffe to go cups are a perfect solution on every kind of event. They are a fantastic promotion media kind due to the fact they can be taken anywhere. It is one of the cheapest and, at the same time, most efficient ways for brand’s promotion.

Customised paper cups are a wonderful idea for an effective promotion of your own brand. Business meetings, trainings, conferences or fair are perfect opportunity to serve your guests a drink with your company’s logo.

With your own trademark, simbol or logo on paper cup your brand will be visible anytime we want. Consumers will pay attention to the graphics shown and it will be remembered for a long time.

Paper cups with individual print — main user features

Single wall paper cups offered by our company are destined to any kind of drinks such as water, soft drinks, coffee and tea. They have perfect termic features thanks to which the temperature of the liquid remains for a long time. Thanks to the usage of high quality material paper cups are a long lasting product.

Perfect manufacturing process, comfort in usage, ecological biodegradable paper make our coffee to go cups to be very practical products and an advertising product of low cost. After the customer has chosen their customised design we begin the process of technical details settiling and proceed to conduct the order as according to customer’s expectations.

During the manufacturing process of customised paper cups we are using offset technique. The logo or any kind of image produced in that way is highly reliable. We deal with customised paper cups orders from the quantity of 10000 pieces. Write to us, we will prepare your quotation right away.